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Busquets: Barcelona misses Vilanova

Oct 2, 2012
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Sergio Busquets believes that Barcelona's struggles in recent weeks are partially down to the absence of head coach Tito Vilanova.

The Barca coach is currently recovering from throat cancer surgery and has been temporarily replaced by assistant coach Jordi Roura during his absence.

"When the boss isn't there, you're always going to miss him. His absence is getting more difficult for us day by day," Busquets told Efe. "We will all have to do our utmost to get out of this. What matters most in Tito's situation is his health, though."

The holding midfielder then went on to discuss the Champions League round of 16 tie against AC Milan, and remains confident that the Blaugrana can turn things around after losing the first leg 2-0.

"The players believe in a comeback more than anyone else. There will always be difficult times and we met two great teams. We are determined to get back on track, though, and we have what it takes to overcome Milan," Busquets insisted. "We perhaps lack a bit of freshness and need to improve, but we will win games as always."

Barcelona takes on Deportivo at the weekend before hosting Milan on March 12.