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Collection of Plugins for Dreambox

Hello guys,
I just wanted to share a list of plugins for dreambox:
Tuxbox Commander
Useful for editing files on your dreambox.

Dream Netcast Internet Radio
Listen to internet radio on your dreambox.
Edit the /var/etc/stations.xml file to add new radio stations.

Dream Weather X
Weather information

DB Switch
If you have two dreambox receivers in the same room you can use this to assign a key to each receiver so that the same remote doesn't operator both receivers at the same time.

Bit Rate Viewer
View the bit rate of the channel you are watching.

Installing on your Dreambox

If your image has an Addons menu, copy the .tar.bz file to the /tmp folder on your box and install via the Manual Install option in your Addons menu.

If it doesn't have this function, extract the files to your Desktop using WinRar and copy the files to the proper folder locations using your FTP client.