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1- It’s not allowed the posting of keys (true or for test), hex files or any other key files in public, only share them trough broken links from outside upload centers. That includes emulators and image files. Please don’t discuss warez or hacking programs and don’t post links that give access to them. You can post EMM/ECM, but without putting operating keys wide open in forum.
2- Don’t make useless discussions with other members, private or public, debate in a civilized way, even if you don’t agree with other member’s opinion.
3- It’s also forbidden to joke, insult or say any other negative thing against any other member. All differences…religious, country, race…should be respected. Breaking any of this rules it’s a serious infraction.
4- Don’t double posts/threads asking for help. Post them in appropriate forum or sub-forum and wait for reply. Other members will reply when they find themselfs available. Be patient please.
5- Don’t use this forum to advertise corporations, commercial companies or any other that have similar activities. Any kind of commercial post will be removed/deleted and he’s author warned the necessarie times, until his permanently banned. Only exceptions are paid commercial advertising authorized by Administration and inserted in appropriate forum banners.
6- It’s not allowed the posting of any e-mail, MSN contact, phone number, personal names or addresses, dns accounts, C: N: G: or any other lines, Node ID's or personal IP's. Your own or from any other user (s).
7- The Chatbox is for small talk, please ask your questions in appropriate sections. If you ask your questions on Chatbox, the sections have to reason to exist then. It’s totally forbidden to peer hunting or search for commercial servers in Chatbox, also not allowed the use of Chatbox as server/customer contact form. In Chatbox you can only writte in english.
8- It’s forbidden to create, have or use more then one account in same IP (PC), in case of that happens, Administration/Moderation should be warned right away, and the members that break that rule should point the account they want to keep, the remain accounts will be deleted. It’s allowed one username change per user, if Administration/Moderation agrees with the motive presented by user, that request should be made trough PM.
9- When you post links (not commercial), break them like this example: _ _http://www.dobidobi.com, the users that want to use those links, can edit them in their own browsers. That rule exists to avoid that forum server gets slower by having direct links opening on site.
10- If you receive PM or e-mail (coming from any forum user) discussing/regarding sales, prices, services or equipments, you should report that to Administration/Moderation trough PM with full data. That kind of spam will not be tolerated.
11- It’s not allowed the negotiation of commercial card sharing fees on public forum. Use PM, e-mail or MSN for that purpose.
12- Forum isn’t responsible for any sales made between authorized announcers and any users/clients. Forum it’s just paid advertising host, and hasn’t any responsibility for equipments, services or items sold, and for that matter isn’t responsible for any commercial activity related to those announcers.
The break of any of these rules is an infraction, and the authors will be warned, punished, temporarly banned and permanently banned, after continuous rules breaking. Some infractions give immediate permanent ban.
Thank you for taking some time reading forum rules.
Not open for further replies.