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full tutorial for CCcam (idiots guideplease) from the beginning.

Sep 27, 2012
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full tutorial for CCcam (idiots guideplease) from the beginning.
full tutorial for CCcam (idiots guideplease) from the beginning.

Here is my version of an idiots guide:

Step 1: Buy a Dreambox or if you want to experiment get a diablo wifi cam and a HD receiver with a Cam slot.!
Step 2: Quickly read though some information on the forum so you know what kind of thing we will be talking about like CCcam, protocols, portforward, clines, flines, ftp, that sort of stuff.
Step 3: Get a Null modem cable from your maplins store or Euronics store or online for about 2.99.
Step 4: Connect your Null modem Cable to your PC 9 pin port at the rear and to you dreambox.
Step 5: Download DreamUp from http://www.dream-multimedia-tv.de/download/DreamUP.zip
Step 6: Open the software and connect to your Dreambox using the default com port.
Step 7: Download an image to flash your dreambox; you have a choice of a few. Please remember that if you have a DM500 DON'T FLASH WITH A GEMINI IMAGE because those crooks disable your DM500/DM600. Go for the better options like Pli-images http://www.pli-images.org or http://www.nabilosat.info . Once the image is got start to flash. When the flash is complete you can reboot the box.
Step 8: Setup your network. Go to Menu>Setup>Expert Setup> Communications Setup and fill in the Network information.... Once you entered the CORRECT information your box should be online and you are now able to connect to the internet and download the CAMs.
Step 9: So go ahead and download the CCcam latest Cam from the download menu. There is a different way to access the download from server menu on each box but here is wht to do on Nabilosat and Pli imges. on Pli, press the blue button and download the latest menu.... on NabiloSat press the yellow button TWICE and you should be there abouts. Once installed , activate the CAM as Default.
Step 10: Download the software Dreambox Control Center from http://www.eucardsharing.com/index.p...ic,1505.0.html . open the app. input your dreambox ip, username : root and password : dreambox and post : 21 .connect. go to the left bottom tab ans sellect FTP. open the folder VAR. then open ETC. then right click on CCcam.cfg ( var/etc/CCcam.cfg) and click edit. Delete all in the file leaving it blank.
Step 11: The CCcam protocol \ Read the other topics about that. http://www.eucardsharing.com/index.php/topic,140.0.html

Step 12: Tutorial Over follow up here http://www.eucardsharing.com/index.p...ic,2545.0.html