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Ronaldo: I would vote for myself to win the Ballon d'Or

Oct 2, 2012
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Cristiano Ronaldo says he would vote for himself to win the Ballon d'Or if given the chance.

The 27-year old will be able to cast his selection as captain of Portugal, something he has been unable to do in previous years, with Nuno Gomes his country's leader.

Though he will not be allowed to give himself a head start in the voting stakes, Ronaldo admits it would be good if he was able to vote for his true choice.

"If I could, I'd vote for myself," he said in an interview with France Football. "I am what I am and I'm happy with that. Being too humble isn't good. In Portugal we say that too much humility is vanity."

Ronaldo's situation with Los Blancos remains uncertain after he voiced his unhappiness in the Spanish capital back in September, but he has rubbished reports that the problem is down to financial reasons.

"I play for the passion of football, and for the love of the teams I represent. If I was playing for money, I'd be at another club," he stated. "All players love it when teams like Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United or Chelsea dream about them, but that's not in my thoughts."