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Sammer: Bayern craves trophies this season

Oct 2, 2012
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Matthias Sammer has insisted that Bayern Munich will not settle for another silverware-less season after coming second in the Bundesliga, Champions League and DFB Pokal last term.

The Bavarians have been in impressive form in the opening months of the 2012-13 campaign, and the club's sporting director has made it clear that the team must keep up its current performances right until the end of the season.

"Last year definitely rates as good, but the fact is we can’t be satisfied with good this season. We're aiming for very good – and that means trophies," Sammer was quoted as saying on the club's official website. "We can't turn round in May and say: Well, we had a very good phase until early November. We'd make ourselves a laughing stock.

"Obviously we can be satisfied up to now. And success will give us confidence for the journey ahead, but we can’t allow ourselves to be affected by satisfaction. We have exams to pass this year, and certificates will be handed out at the end."

Bayern currently sits top of the Bundesliga table with 30 points from 11 games.