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You're qualified to enter the Cccam Forum Lucky Draw 2013


Sayfa Yönetimi
Sep 25, 2012
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You're qualified to enter the Cccam Forum Lucky Draw 2013

Click here to enter in the Lucky Draw 2013

Draw Rules:

• Being Member to the forum

Donating €25 to the forum

• Joining the Draw

Free 3 months cccam membership to everyone who joins the Draw

• Members who has bought cccam membership for 1 year will be joined to the raffle automatically

• This raffle is limited to only for 100 members

• When it reachs to 100 participants, it draws automatically

• The winners will be informed by a private message and winners list will be published on the forum main page

• The members who apply the Draw must donate within 1 week

• Applicants who haven’t donate cannot take their prizes even if they won

• Good Luck to Everyone


Plese click to see the prizes of the Draw

To 1 Person……..Iphone 4S

To 1 Person……..Atlanta HD Smart Box (Android)

To 1 Person……..Dreambox DM500s

To 1 Person…….. Dreambox DM100

To 20 People…… 1 year free cccam membership